our initial post should be 250 words in length.

What are your culture’s influences, values and beliefs about intelligence?
How do cultural perspectives on factors such as gender, environment, family systems, and educational systems influence intelligence outcomes?
Cite and paraphrase a scholarly source (other than the textbook) to share how cultures different than your own test intelligence in school-aged children or in adults for work or other assessment needs.

What Is A Substantive Post?
A substantive post is one that:

Meets all stated requirements for the discussion
Follows APA style for formatting in-text citations and references
Paraphrases content from cited sources rather than directly quoting it
Provokes peers to deeper thinking through inquiry
Expands on peers’ thinking with additional context
Seeks further clarification or offers an alternative perspective, viewpoint, evidence
Provides additional context and insight that is supported by scholarly sources
Substantive posts are not simple posts of agreement, but instead explain why you agree with your peers’ thinking, provide support for your thinking and then thoughtfully further the conversation. Refer to the syllabus for more information about what constitutes a substantive post.

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