HRMD 650 Discussion 2

Week 2 Discussion

Instructions: Please answer using your own words in a MAXIMUM of 500 words SINGLE spaced. Please cite THREE resources in your answer. Please be sure to use in-text citing.

Read the attached document and answer the following questions:

Read OD Letters. You are to act as an external OD practitioner who has been asked to advise Ryan on how to work with the XRS Laser Group.

Assume you are Ryan and decide to take the job. What issues or concerns would you have? Consider the following questions:

What terms or conditions would you insist upon if you were to take this job?

What questions would you ask to confirm Larry’s description of the department?

How will you decide if you’re the person for the job?

Assume you take the job and John exhibits some of the same characteristics described by Larry. Do you confront him or not? If so, how?

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