Faculty Research Assignment

Choose a faculty member, perhaps based on their research interests. Read the biography of that faculty member, examine his or her curriculum vitae, if posted, and look at a few of her or his publications (again, if posted). Most faculty will only list a few recent articles.
PART 1: Answer these questions about that scholar’s work. Explain how you came to this answer. (5 pts each):
1. What context(s) does this scholar work in (chapter 2)?
2. What theoretic tradition(s) influence his/her work (chapter 2)?
3. How might we classify her/his work paradigmatically (positivist, interpretivist, or pluralist)?
PART 2: Choose ONE empirical scholarly journal article published by this scholar. Find a full-text copy online and upload it with your assignment document.
To find the article: You will need to conduct a search (by author) in the GMU library database. Here’s how: – Go to https://infoguides.gmu.edu/comm – Click on Find Articles – Click on Communication and Mass Media Complete – In the Select a Field pull-down menu, select: AU Author – Type in the name of the faculty member (Last name, First name)
This search will show you most of the recent journal articles by this author
Answer these questions about the article (5 pts each):
1. What fundamental research questions does the study address?
2. How do you think this piece of research contributes to our knowledge of human communication?

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