Dissertation Methodological Critique


Dissertation Methodological Critique – This two-part assignment will focus on your ability to apply the course concepts and techniques taught and used in class. Your ability to apply the course material to “real-world situations” through identifying strengths and weaknesses in various research methodologies will be assessed. First, summarize the dissertation (1-2 pages) (This can be 1 page for me). Second, critique the methodology section of a dissertation: i.e. discuss which elements of the design you could possibly use/emulate in your own study and which elements you would replace – how and why (5-6 pages) (This can be 5 pages for me). Third, outline setting, sampling, data collection and analysis strategy for your research question (1-2 pages). (This can be 1 page for me). (LEAVING A TOTAL OF 7 Pages) You must use appropriate research terminology and cite course materials in-text in this critique. Submit both your critique AND a digital copy of the dissertation on Blackboard as an Assignment. Part 1: Summary ” Who/ What/ Where/ When/How/ Why ” What is the topic and the research questions in this study? ” Who are the people or data sources in this study? ” Where and when the study took place? ” How was data collected and analyzed? ” What were the results of the study and why they are important for your work? Part 2: Critique Consider how appropriate is the design and whether/how you can use this study as a model for your own. Explain what you would do similarly or differently relative to the study that you reviewed. ” How concepts/terms are defined? List your topic and research question(s), explain your concepts. Are they similar or different? How? ” How were the setting and the subjects chosen for the study? How would you choose those? Why would you emulate or differ? ” How was the data collected and analyzed? What are data sources and instruments that you plan to use? How do you plan to analyze your data? Is the study that you reviwed helful in fuguring this out? How so? ” What are limitations of the study that you reviewed? Will you be able to overcome these limitations? What are challenges that your study may be facing? NOTE: Unfortunately, the quality of dissertations that can be found on-line varies widely. It is recommended that you select a dissertation from reputable, research-oriented schools. It is in your best interest to find a high-quality model for your study. Following good examples facilitates learning: why wasting time reading a weak study if you can invest it into reading high quality work?

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