Diabetes Prevention PICOT


I need a PICOT paper based on the attached file. I need to send you the PICOT assignment as well. It needs to be related to my place of work. I work at Creighton/Bergan University. It needs to follow the PICOT formation. It needs to cover non-pharmacological interventions for the adult Diabetic patient. There is no Diabetic health educator at the facility that I work at, maybe that can be the issue? Maybe, how does not having a Diabetic Health educator when implementing non pharmacological interventions compare to the facilities that do have an educator? Make sure to address the following on the PICOT statement: 1. Evidence-based solution. 2. Nursing Interventions. 3. Patient Care. 4. Health Care Agency. 5. Nursing Practice. After the PICOT statement is established, write a 500 word paper that clearly identifies the clinical problem and how it can result in a positive patient outcome. Please use the articles that are provided in the attached file, no articles can be over 5 years old, and any new must be from the Cochrane or CINAHL databases.

Can the problem be the fact that there is no DM educator at Creighton/Bergan University and compare it to other health facilities that do have one and how it relates to nonpharmacological interventions for the diabetic adult patient?

I need you to add qualitative and quantitative articles to the PICOT paper. Maybe when researching the diabetic health educator portion of the assignment, you can find these and please apply. 

regarding the qualitative and quantitative articles on the diabetic health educator. They need to be within 5 years of research and from the Cochrane or CINAHL databases. Please make the health educator a part of my PICOT. Does having a diabetic educator ns not having the diabetic educator at a health facility aid in the non-pharmacological interventions for the adult diabetic patient? I need two more articles regarding the diabetes health educator to be included. Qualitative and Quantitative.

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