Communication Strategies

Answer these questions:
1.What do these acronyms stand for and what opportunities do they provide (5 pts)?
oURSP (this acronym is erroneously listed on some Mason sites as USRP)
2. Name two annual events where Mason students publicly present research (2 pts).
3. What is the name of the GMU student research journal that is published by Student Media, and how do you publish in it (3 pts.)?
4. Name five Communication students who have had projects funded by the USRP program, the semester of funding, and the faculty mentor (e.g., Jim Jones was funded in Spring 2014 underProf. Plum) (5 pts.).
5. How does a student apply for the USRP program (include a description of what must be submitted and the annual deadlines for fall, spring, and summer funding) (5 pts.)?

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